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Value Creation in Multicultural Setting ... by Dr. Hossam ElShazly,

Dr.Hossam ElShazly,                                        President & CEO of the CPI International Group Switzerland  With the beginning of this century, the strategic option of doing business abroad and expanding operations to different countries away from the homeland turned to be much of an obligation more than an option.  In the view of the worldwide economic downturn, the price war declared by the Chinese manufacturers everywhere, firms in Europe and other continents moved away from their home headquarters in a trial to either survive the business hit or to maximise the value creation process.  In this paper, we look at the challenges, opportunities and threats embedded in the strategic decision of going abroad. We will offer a comprehensive analysis to the problem of doing business in a multicultural setting in the view of the model proposed by the CPI International Group Switzerland with business operation and offices on four continents.  We will also explore various literat…